Kjell Håften Musik


I will never finish this song

Song is up on myspace.


On my way to the bus met a man who did not know his name,

He said it must be difficult to accomplish anything when youre insane,

I said well buddy, you should know, after all, isnt that your game?

Then he stabbed me in the chest and ran, shouting something awfully profane,

Blood gushed out onto the pavement and ran down a drain,

My body collapsed and I was sad, cause on my yellow shirt now was a stain,

Birds came flying through the air, landed on my head and ate my brain,

After a while I was still alive, thought to myself: "Yay, I cant feel pain!"

So I got up, started scaring people, zombies, you know, I put them to shame,

I got hooked up with a manager, who promised me unimaginable fame,

It didnt work out and for a while it felt like all of our efforts had been in vain,

So, depressed as I was I took a bus……….. to Spain,

It took a while before I realized………… it was a train,

The train was stopped by 50 guys, who had adopted a special technique in Kung Fu, known as the Crane,

They robbed everyone of their valuables, but they left me alone, because they thought I looked mundane,


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