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Absurd, crazy, weird, non-sensical!! DJ NaziSperm,
Dr. Judas samt DJ Hästråtta presenterar 'public access'-
radions elektroniska motsvarighet till 'The Incorrect Music Hour'.



DJ NaziSperm
Dr. Judas
DJ Hästråtta
DJ Formsvacka


Show 25
Overthruster (Minimal Breakcore)

Hosts: DJ NaziSperm
Dr. Judas

Featured release(s): Overthruster - Yolanda Shoshana [Proc-Records]
Overthruster - Ox Striking Metal [20kbps Records]
Overthruster - Striking Ox Metal [20kbps Records]
Dubmood - Toffelskater Remixes [Data Airlines]
Dubmood - Traverse De RN85 [Data Airlines]

Show 26 [S]
Animal Party
Vehicle Vocoding

Show 27
Retinascan 3''CD Chip-line

Featured release(s): Stu - Atari Solo [Retinascan]
Jellica - With Love From Grandma [Retinascan/Kittenrock]
Pollen - Dntthnkfryrslf [Retinascan]
Tester vs. Stivs - Think Before You Talk 12''
[Jungle Clone Recordings]
Bong-Ra - Vitus Blister 12'' [Zhark International]

Show 28 [S:d]
Tape Music

Show 29
Microcore (Jellica)

Featured release(s): Jellica - Flappiest Bits [CalmDownKidder Records]
Karl Marx Stadt vs. Scerky - Super Seekers 7'' [Alphacute,
Hirntrust Grind Media]

Show 30 [S:180]
Game Boy Rave IV (Nintendo DS)

Featured release(s): DJ Scotch Egg and Shitmat - Scotchy and Shitty -
Rave Like A Headless Chicken (A-side) [Wrong Music]
JT (Josstintimberlake) - Cow [Kittenrock]
Starscream - Light EP [Not On Label]
nitro2k01 - INSEX Micro-EP [Not On Label]
Coova and Bud Melvin - She's The DJ, He's The Rapper [8bitpeoples]

Show 31
Shitcore/Pure Noise(?)

Featured release(s): gwEm and Counter Reset - Live From Hell [8bitpeoples]

Show 32 [S:d][SF]
Outsider Music Part 2

Featured release(s): -


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